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Recent Competitions

 Easter Cup 4 Man Team Rumble  

Monday 1st April 2024

Overall Winner: Kerry Biginton, Lee Hyland, James Bygrave & Paul Bygrave                    £25 Each   

2.  Les Davey , Wayne Willett, Ashley Glendenning & Mark Wells                                       £20 Each
Dave Jackson,Jim Head, Greg Thompson & Rash Abraham                                              £10 Each


Nearest the pins each receiving £18.

5th                  Rash Abraham

7th                   Jim Head

18th in two      Paul Wright

There were one two's receiving £75.

John Leech

Footy Card Winner:  Wayne Willett & Andy Gayle 


 Flag Trophy  

Sunday 17th March 2024

Overall Winner: Les Davey (18th Green) £4

2. Wayne Willett      £40
3. Arthur Baines      £35
4.Kerry Biginton       £30   
5. Dave Cooley         £25
6. Andy Gayle           £20
7.Dave Jackson         £15
8.Jim Head                £10


Nearest the pins each receiving £10.

5th                  Paul Bygrave

7th                   Wayne Willett

14th                 Wayne Willett

There were five  two's each receiving £12.

Wayne Willett X2, Arthur Baines, Dave Cooley,Dave Jackson

Footy Card Winner:  No Card.

 WooferFreeman Trophy  

Sunday 3rd March 2024

Overall Winner: David Jackson 43pts  £60 

Divison 1

1. Paul Bygrave                   34pts   £40 
2. Kevin Bygrave              33pts  £25
3. Les Davey                        32pts  £15   
Division 2 
1. Dave Cooley                    41pts   £40
2.Gary Townsend               38pts   £25
3.Paul Walsh                       35pts   £15


Nearest the pins each receiving £10.

7th                  Kevin Bygrave

13th (in Two)  Paul Elliot

18th                Les Davey

There were two two's each receiving £22.

Mark Wells,Kevin Bygrave


Footy Card Winner:  No Card.

 Gerry Plumstead Trophy  

Sunday 18th February 2024

Overall Winner: Chis Wallis  39pts  £60 

Divison 1

1. Roy Leggett                    37pts   £40 
2. James Lami                    36pts  £25
3. Lee Hyland                     35pts  £15   
Division 2 
1. Paul Walsh                       36pts   £40
2.Andy Gayle                      35pts   £25
3.Dave Cooley                    32pts   £15


Nearest the pins each receiving £12.

5th                  Kevin Bugrave

13th (in Two)  Lee Hyland

14th                James Lami

There were six two's each receiving £9.

P Elliot, J. Lami, R Leggett,T Oliver,Josh Bygrave


Footy Card Winner:  No Card.

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