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Recent Competitions

 J McFarlane Trophy Team Rumble  

Sunday 19th November 2023

Overall Winner:-  Kerry Bigintton   120pts  

                                Kevin Bygrave

                                Paul Bygrave

                                Barry Nelson

2.          James Lami,Ray Piner   116pts   
            John Leech, Bill Hodges
3.           Vince Fay, Rash Abraham  114pts 
            Paul Wright, Jim Head   

Nearest the pins each receiving £16.

7th                          John Leech

13th in two         Gary Townend

18th                    James Lami

There were Five two's, each receiving £10 

Ray Piner

James Lami X2 

Paul Walsh X2

Footy Card Winners: Jim Head 


 Remembrance Trophy  

Sunday 5th November 2023

Overall Winner:-  Barry Nelson   40pts  £60 

Divison 1

1Kevin Bygrave                      39pts      £40 
2. James Lami                        36pts      £25
3.  Les Davey                              35pts      £15   
Division 2 
1. John Doran                             40pts      £40
2.Dave Cooley                            34pts      £25
3.Paul Walsh                               34pts      £15


Nearest the pins each receiving £13.

5th              Dave Cooley

7th          James Lami

14th         Paul Elliott

There were three two's, each receiving £18 

Jim Head

Roy Leggett 

Paul Walsh

Footy Card Winners: Greg Thompson 

 SMOGS (CS Pairs) Trophy 

Sunday 22nd October 2023

Overall Winner:-

Vince Fay  & Chris Wallis                ( 72pts)  £50 Each 

2nd. Kerry Biginton & Mo Reeder  ( 71pts)   £35 Each

3rd. Greg Thompson & Shaun Hopwood ( 71 pts)  £25 Each

Nearest the pins each receiving £10.

1st Shaun Hopwood

7th Greg Thompson

18th Lee Hyland 

There were three two's but only one winner, receiving £38 total:-  

Lee Hyland 

Footy Card Winners: 

 Vic Simmons Trophy  

Sunday 8th October 2023

Overall Winner:-  Jim Head        ( Nett 68)  £60 

Divison 1

1. Les Davey                                  (Nett 69)    £40 
2. Shaun  Hopwood                     (Nett 69 )   £25
3.  James Lami                              (Nett 70 )   £15   
Division 2 
1. Chris Wallis                               (Nett 73)   £40
2.John Doran                                (Nett 75)  £25
3.Maurice Reeder                        (Nett 76)  £15


Nearest the pins each receiving £12.

5th               Tommy Leggett

14th               Roy Leggett

17th (in Two)  Paul Elliott

There were two two's, each receiving £24 

Jim Head

Roy Leggett 

Footy Card Winners:  

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