Recent Competitions

S.M.O.G.S (Doubles)

25th Oct 2020


Overall winners  K Whitehead & J Johnson 72 points

2nd: K Biginton & P Bygraves         70 points

3rd:  Jamie Wynne & Jack Wynne 64 points

4th:  John Myers & Nigel Kee          63 points

Nearest the pins: each received £20


1st : Paul Bygrave

7th: Les Davey (sand iron)

14th: Andy Gayle

There was only 1  two today. (chipped it in from 80 yards at the 18th

Andy Gayle wins £78




Note:  Kevin promises to wear a different jumper   next  competition

Vic Simmons Trophy

11th October 2020


Overall winner      Les Davey Nett 68  (cut to 9.9)

Division 1

1st:  James Lami                      Nett 73

2nd: Kevin Whitehead            Nett 75

3rd:  Roy Leggett                    Nett 77

Division 2

1st:  Andy Gayle                       Nett 72

2nd: Joe O'Regan                    Nett 77 on CB

3rd: Barry Nelson                    Nett 77

Nearest the pins: each received £20


1st: Ray Piner

7th : Kevin Whitehead

18th: James Lami

There were three 2's today each receiving £22 made by

Les Davey, Kev Whitehead and Tony Freeman



Autumn Cup

27th September 2020


Overall winner      Paul Bygrave 40 points

Division 1

1st:  Kevin Whitehead             34 points 

2nd: Jim Johnson                   33 points CB

3rd:  Kerry Biginton                 33 points

Division 2

1st:   Maurice Reeder              34 points CB

2nd: Chris Wallis                      34 points CB

3rd:  Rash Abraham                 34 points

Nearest the pins: each received £16


1st: Pat Brady

7th : Frank King

14th: Fred Huntley

There was only one 2 today made by Big Frank King who 

scooped £64 to go with his  £16 nearest the pin.



King & Johnson Trophy (Doubles)

13th Sept 2020


Overall winners  Lloyd Lonergan & Nigel Kee  Nett 61

2nd: Tony Randall & Tony Freeman Nett 63

3rd:  Dave Cooley & Rash Abraham Nett 64

4th:  James Lami & John Leech        Nett 66

Nearest the pins: each received £20


7th : Kerry Biginton

14th: Arthur Baines

17th: John Leech

There were 7  twos today. £12 each

Nigel Kee, Kerry Biginton, Lee Hyland, Tonyt Oliver Jnr,

Kev Whitehead, James Lami, Jim Johnson



Stewards CUP (Doubles)

30th August 2020


Overall winners       Les Davey & Wayne Willett 69 pts

2nd: Barry Nelson & Paul Draper 67 pts CB

3rd:  Jim Truss & Colin Hartigan   67

4th:   Brian Harris & Dave Cooley 66

Nearest the pins: each received £20


7th : Nicky King

14th: Mo Reeder

17th: Kev Whitehead

There were 6  twos today. £11 each

Les Davey, Lloyd Lonergan, Brian Harris,

Jim Truss, Kerry Biginton, Dave Cooley



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