Shoreham (Kent) Golf Club

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Stewards Cup

Sunday 28th August 2022

Start Times

Slow Play

Players are reminded of the importance of maintaining an acceptable speed of play during competitions.  There have been several complaints made regarding slow play recently.  This has an impact on the groups playing behind a 'slow' group and also the golfers playing behind our competition.  If you cannot keep up with the group in front you have a duty to allow the group behind to play through (assuming they are ready to do so).  Please note the rule at the bottom of this page.

Please note:


Please ensure that you report to the starter on the 1st Tee - READY TO PLAY at least 20 minutes before your stated tee time.  If players have dropped out it may be necessary to move people up the list.


Important Reminder:


When you report to the starter you must be 'ready to play' - not ready to go into the clubhouse for breakfast!


If you fail to turn up for a competition you have been entered for, you run the risk of a  competition ban. 

If you cant make it just let the pro shop know, or text Les Davey.


If you allow someone else to put your name down for competitions, please check the Starter's Sheet on the website to see whether or not you are down to play in the next competition.


Please Note:


From now on, if you need to 'scratch' from a competition please send  Les Davey a text to that effect on:


07834 353440


Please ensure that your scorecard is completed in accordance with the rules of golf. It is the players' responsibility to ensure that the correct score is entered for each hole.


Message from your committee:


In an attempt to speed up play in competitions the Committee have introduced the following rule:


If your group falls a hole behind the group in front, and the group behind you are waiting, you are required to call them through.


Faiure to comply will result in EACH player in your group receiving the following penalty:


  • Medal - 2 strokes added to your total

  • Stableford - 2 points taken off your total


It is the responsibility of the group being held up to report the offending group to the Committee members dealing with the cards after the competition.


The Committee expects that, under normal conditions, a round of golf should not exceed 4 hours 15 mins.